Who is madepromo

As many of you know, we have only been working with a small and exclusive group of promoters, labels etc. But in 2021 we decided to open our services to independent artists as well. We are the only promo agency that provide unique technique and generate new listeners, viewers and stream trough automated technology and playlist placements.

MadePromo was established in 2009 in Denmark, short after we moved our office and activities to London, UK. We are working with unique technique of promotion on socials, playlists, collections, radios, shares etc. Our client lists trough the years is; Universal Music, Sony, Warner, BMG, Interscoop, Def Jam, Uniqke, Spire and many others. In 2021 madepromo decided to open our services for independent artists as many artists looking for our services, but can’t find legit services in the market.

Madepromo does not work with all kind of genres and artists, therefore we always have a review process of new artists and tracks, this is to improve and have a high quality of music catalog. If you have interest in working or get pre-accepted please contact one of our team members or your dedicated account manager.